E051 K-Lace™ Butterfly Bowl, Doily or Bowl and Doily Bundle (incl. E049 and E050)

  • $20.00

This design set is sold separately as a Bowl ($15.00) a Doily ($15.00) or both as a bundle $20.00.

051 K-Lace Butterfly Bowl and Doily (5 x 7 hoop required)
Sizes: see above
All files for both one- and two-color bowls and doilies with illustrated instructions

049  K-Lace Butterfly Bowl (5 x 7 hoop needed) 
Size: approx 12.75" diameter
Files included for both one- and two-color versions
Illustrated instructions included

050 K-Lace Butterfly Doily (5 x 7 hoop needed)
Size: 15.75" diameter
Both one- and two-color version files included with illustrated instructions


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