It's Time to Give Thanks

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And just like that, fall has arrived in earnest.

It’s a beautiful time in the pacific northwest. The endless sun-drenched days of summer have given way to foggy mornings, the moon still visible in the dawn sky, and crisp afternoons, as the fading sun bathes the fiery amber foliage in a rich, golden light.

It’s a time of transition and renewal, and as we draw near to Thanksgiving, I am filled with feelings of reflection and gratitude, seasoned with just a hint of anxiety as I think about all the things that need to be finished before the day arrives!

These days are, in many ways, a metaphor for family life: both grounding and stressful, quiet and chaotic, still and yet constantly in motion. Sometimes I have to remind myself to take a moment to breathe, catch up, and really enjoy the moment – they pass by ever faster these days, and surrendering to these moments of gratitude is the point of the season.

I talk about my family often in these newsletters. The warmth of their love has nourished me over the years, helped me to grow, and it’s something I’m grateful for every day – not just when there’s turkey involved, although that certainly doesn’t hurt!

What family traditions are important to you during the Thanksgiving season, and how will you make time to feel gratitude?

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