E613 Cupcake Gift Pockets

  • $15.00

613 Cupcake Gift Pockets

These gift pockets stitch all-in-hoop. Two sizes, four styles each. Styles 3 & 4 have room for a name and styles 2 and 4 may be used with print fabric. Fabric or fusible glitter is needed for all versions. Tuck a small gift, gift card or folded cash into the pocket for any occasion.

Size: 3.93" x 3.74"
Stitch counts: 8855 to 11806
Size: 5.45" x 4.14"
Stitch counts: 12140 to 16055

E613A Small (four files) $10
E613B Large (four files) $10
E613 Bundle (eight files) $15

(613A fits 4x4 hoop, 613B requires 5 x 7 hoop)

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