C819 Timeless K-Lace

  • $45.00

819 Timeless K-Lace

Coordinating elements will keep you thinking of new groupings. The tatted-look K-Lace ™ group, shown upper left, is designed to be used in many different ways: collars, doilies, cuffs and edgings. Only one of the doilies and one of the collars is shown, reduced to show entire arrangement. Blackwork inspired embroidery designs shown stitched in red, compliment the lace, as does the variation with shadow applique and wing-needle stitching shown upper right. The Baroque look, (shown in gold) in a multi-part border with corner and curve would be elegant on holiday wear or in many other settings. Included are two closure designs for a coordinated look. We’ve only touched on what can be done with these fascinating items. Stitching instructions and diagrams for placement are included.

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