C822 Fanciful K-Lace & More

  • $45.00


Butterflies, dragonflies and a lacy hummingbird, in K-Lace ® to stitch on water soluble stabilizer, and jewellery-effect designs to stitch on fabric, change to suit your needs. In tone-on-tone, they impart elegance for heirloom and bridal work; in colours they take on a contemporary look. The “jewellery” butterflies stitched in metallic and rayon on fabric are elegant accents, but they may also be stitched entirely in shiny rayon for the more subdued effect. Instructions are given for a doily with a fabric enter and lace butterflies used as an edging, one of the clever uses for these beauties. Three lace butterflies have colour stops for stitching multicoloured lace. Last, but not least, there are eight small edgings we know you’ll find a useful and valuable addition to your design collection. We hope you enjoy Kae’s fanciful creations!

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