C831 Baskets of K-Lace

  • $45.00

831 Baskets of K-Lace

Baskets of pansies are only the beginning! From 1.5" to 6", woven with ribbon in colors of your choosing, these baskets will be the star on holidays, at weddings, for home decor and more! Some of the same files will make borders or even whole placemats, garments or table toppers with the included corners. Lace pansies, too, in three sizes! On stems, they can be arranged in bouquets. Without stems, they can be added to the baskets, to quilts or table linens as well as garments. Stitch them in two colors as shown in our basket arrangement, or white or a single color can be shaded with fabric dye. as shown at the top. Use them with or without added beads. There are sixty-four individual files that fit in 4-inch hoops. .Dst and .pes format have extra combined files for a total of ninety-one. K-Lace® quality by Kae Barron!

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