E252 Fall Charms K-Lace™  Bundle

E252 Fall Charms K-Lace™ Bundle

  • $20.00

252 Fall Charms K-Lace  Bundle
This design set includes spiders, webs, cherries, bats, pumpkins, apples, leaves, acorns lace jewelry charms. Thirty-eight tiles for jewelry and embellishment. These free-standing designs are in two sizes, both with and without hangers. The small size is suitable for earrings or charms, while the matching larger size may be used for pendants, place cards, greeting cards, clothing...the designs without loops have many uses, Stitching is with 50/60-wt. cotton thread or 40-wt rayon. Shown actual size. Quality K-Lace@by Kae Barron.

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