E258 Bowl Two OVAL K-Lace™ Set (includes 257)

  • $20.00

257 Bowl Two Oval K-Lace Set, 258Small, 258 Med, 258 Lg each $15.00 and 257 Bowl Two Oval Bundle including all sizes for $20.00.

These freestanding lace bowls are great for home decor.  They would look lovely on any table and make great gifts.

8.25-inch wide bowl with 9.5-inch wide doily (length adjustable) matching our Bowl Two E257 

Three sampler sets, each containing a bowl, doily, coaster and napkin corner. You'll need 50- or 60-wt. cotton or 40-wt. polyester for the bowl, but 40-wt. rayon may be used for the napkin corners, doilies and coasters. Each design set contains a different size doily, bowl and napkin corner (also useful for handkerchief's). Coasters are varied in each set. Instructions are included for stitching, constructing the bowl and doily and applying the napkin corner.


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