E260 Bowl Four K-Lace™ Set

  • $20.00

260 Bowl Four K-Lace Set 

7.25-inch bowl, 10.5-inch doily and motifs for freestanding lace fabric shape such as table runners and doilies and home decor.  Also great for giving as gifts.

All you need to make a bowl and matching doily, as well as table runners and various freestanding lace fabric shapes and sizes. All files will fit in 4" x 4" hoops. You'll need 50- or 60-wt. cotton or 40-wt. polyester for the Bowl 4 designs. Metallic thread will also work for Bowl 4. 40-wt. rayon may be used for doilies and fabric pieces in both sets.

See E343 for more bowl and doily options.

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