E340 Freestanding Lace Bowl and Doily Bundle

  • $22.00

340 Freestanding Lace Bowl and Doily Bundle

Buy Lace bowl or doily separately for $15 or as a bundle for $22.

Each set contains design files and instructions and includes the bowl shown on the E340 bowl.
Two different egg designs are provided, giving you three different bowl or doily design possibilities 
(use one or the other or alternate as shown) as well as many color-play opportunities. 
The optional bowl is provided for even more possibilities for variation. Organza or Angelina Fibers are suggested for the E341 Spring Bowl and Doily.

All designs fit 5" x 7" hoop.

Bowl is approx.  $15.00
10.5" in diameter

Doily is approx.  $15.00
14" in diameter

Bow shown on E340 Bow included with all items.

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