E373 All-in-Hoop Stockings Bundle

E373 All-in-Hoop Stockings Bundle

  • $24.00

373 All-in-Hoop Stockings Bundle

Quick to make, these stockings can hold small gifts, cash, gift cards, candy, etc. Stitched in one hooping, no sewing involved. These designs require fabric and water-soluble stabilizer.

Check size before ordering. Some need larger hoops.

E373 Small (2 files) with and without scallops Shown holding folded cash.

Small with scallops
3.9" x 3.01"
Stitch count: 8531
Small without scallops
3.91" x 2.76"
Stitch count: 3753

E373 Medium (2 files) with and without scallops Shown holding a gift card and small candy cane.

Medium with scallops
6.34" x 4.86"
Stitch count: 13283
Medium without scallops
6.57" x 4.62"
Stitch count: 6288


E373 Large (2 files) with and without scallops. Shown holding a small gift box and a candy cane.

 Large with scallops
7.6" x 5.82"
Stitch count: 15913
Large without scallops
7.69" x 5.42"
Stitch count: 7473

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