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My goodness, the summer is just flying by!

After a long wait, the sunshine is finally here on the west coast, and it’s been a blissful blur of long walks, patios, and picnics. I’ve been keeping myself busy building beautiful sun-dappled memories with my loved ones, and breathing in the fresh coastal air.

I feel so blessed to live in this beautiful province of British Columbia. It truly is one of the most beautiful places on earth, and as we prepare to celebrate British Columbia Day this weekend, I’m reminded of all the ways in which it inspires me and the work that I do.

The rich tapestry of colourful wildflowers and towering forests, the deep, endless blue of the ocean, and the eternal mirror of the sky are just a few of the many elements that make this such a breathtakingly beautiful place to live. Sometimes, I wish we could keep it a secret, but today I’m sharing it with all of you.

There is peace and meaning to be found in quiet reflection, and in slowing down to appreciate the beauty that surrounds us. Whatever else may be happening, this world and our existence in it is a miracle, and I’m reminded of that whenever I stop to stare out at the ocean, glittering like a jewel under the summer sun.

Find the beauty in life, and take a moment to truly appreciate it, whether that’s through meditation, hiking, or embroidery. The best things in life are worth your time.

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Featured Products

There are so many beautiful wonders to behold in this province. The products featured this month represent just a few of its unique treasures.

The Bluebird Quart Mason Jar & Lid Cover is bright and cheerful, the perfect way to lend a touch of whimsy to your preserves or a rustic beverage enjoyed on the patio.

The K-Lace Dolphin Coaster is a beautifully delicate piece of softly curving lines, combining a classic heart shape with floral and aquatic motifs. Nothing is more joyous than a dolphin leaping through the waves, something you can often see both from the beaches and the ferries that serve the coastal communities of the Pacific Northwest.

Is anything sweeter than the tiny, noble seahorse? Enjoy their diminutive poise without putting on a wet-suit by crafting this unique Seahorse Flameless Candle Corset.

A guiding light in the darkness, a beacon of hope. She is the venerable lighthouse, the sailor's boon, guiding him safely home. Keep your loved ones bright and warm with this Lighthouse Candle Corset, edged with delicate scalloped edges and a beautiful coastal motif.


Finally, is there anything more whimsical, more inspiring, more likely to bring a quiet smile to your lips than the delicate, effervescent flutter of a butterfly on a summer breeze? Capture their ephemeral beauty for your home with this striking K-Lace Summer Bundle, which includes eight summer-themed motifs, including butterflies, a hummingbird, a sailboat, and much more.

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