Happy Father's Day!

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Regular readers will know that I hold my mother and grandmother in the very highest regard, and their love and wisdom became the pattern for the woman I am today. Yet as Father’s Day draws near, I want to take a moment to honour my father, a kind and loving man who was so very special to me.

My dad was fiercely proud of his five girls, and I never wanted to disappoint him or do anything to shake the absolute faith I knew he had in me. I looked up to him, seeing him with a daughter’s love and admiration that would later mature into deep respect and gratitude for all he did for me and my sisters.

Occasionally, on Sundays, my dad would take us all to Dairy Queen and buy us ice cream. His favourite was the Maple Walnut sundae, a truly decadent and decidedly Canadian choice. A few nights ago, my husband and I were out for dinner and on the dessert menu, what should I see but the Maple Walnut Sundae. I smiled to think of those sunlit afternoons spent in Dairy Queen with my dad and my sisters, just happy to be spending time with each other.

As I reflect back on these memories, I realize what a precious gift time is to a child. When I was small, I was excited by the prospect of an outing, not to mention delicious, sugary ice cream, but through the eyes of an adult, I realize the real gift was the time I got to spend with my dad. I’ll always be grateful for that, and I’ll always think of him when I see a Maple Walnut sundae.

What special memories do you have of the men in your life? How did they shape you into who you are now, or if you have little ones in your life, how do you hope to shape them?

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